Antelope UP Matching Game at the Sacramento Minefaire

by Karen Blake on 10/09/18

Thanks Minecraft for showcasing our game Antelope UP at your event.  It experience and feedback was awesome. 

Thanks for everyone who stopped by and played the game. 

I can confirm that we did have a couple of runaway antelopes on the convention floor.  We are busy trying to run down this elusive bug.  It is a real hunt.  We set the trap, and are playing the game while waiting and hoping for a sighting.

Beta version will be out soon, so stay tuned.



Tanza! - The Card Game

by Karen Blake on 10/20/17

PRE-ORDERS Coming Soon!

You are a Captain of Industry, with the tenacious work ethic, and a love of competition, so you could not turn down the invitation to participate in a game of TANZA and the chance to make a lasting impact on the economy of Tanzania... providing jobs, and making a difference in people’s lives.

Tanza!  A place where your money is no good – It’s only the points you score that count!


Build a business empire.  The trick - you cannot use your own money, only your charm, connections and cognitive capabilities.


Antelope UP Update

by Karen Blake on 04/15/17

It has been an exciting few months.  As Matt and Kurt continue working on our video game, Antelope UP, we brought in two voice talents for the voice over work for the game, and a sound engineer for the sound effects and music.  It is starting to look like a real game.

Great progress, but we still needed more.  Welcome Jeff Frank to the project.  Jeff is an unity developer, and will be working with the team on the Antelope UP matching game.

We were so excited about adding an expert layer, we doubled the antelope count by adding the female antelope to the mix.  This, of course, doubled Matt's work, and extended the project. 

We think it will add interest to the game, and of course, challenge the players.

Kickstarter Campaign Launched!

by Karen Blake on 07/07/16

The campaign kicked off on July 4th - a great day for Paka to declare independence!

Follow Paka's tweets @savepaka

Exciting Re-alignment

by Karen Blake on 05/12/16

Rhizome Books, Inc. has been busy behind the scenes. 

Phillip's Wild Africa

The decision of the autistic's artist not to continue was met with sad news to us here at Rhizome Books, but the mission of conservation and education continues.  And it has been exciting!

Out of the ashes comes forth the PAKA Project.

PAKA Project

The PAKA Project includes books, games, and will expand into an explorer's club for young children.  Our vision:

  • On-line newsletter with educational activities for children and parents to do at home, developed by's science educator.
  • A launch of a YouTube Channel demostrating the activities.
  • Safety tips for parents to keep their children safe while on-line by our website designer and all-around web guru.

Books, movie scripts, board games and video games are all in development.

The new story just won first place in the San Mateo County Fair's Literary Arts Children's Story Division.  A great start for the PAKA Project!

Looking forward to keeping you updated on our progress.


Physics on the River - Version 2.0

by Karen Blake on 10/31/15

Physics on the River was our prove of concept that came out a couple of years ago.  Now, has smartphone evolve, it is time to republish the Game Engine Book Application. 

This makes it a great time to add more science to the GE Book App.  May even squeeze in some more math.

Physics on the River - Available Now!

by Karen Blake on 06/02/15

RBI's first game engine book application has launched.  It is available on iTunes and Google Play.  A web-based version is available at:, one of RBI's strategic partners, has designed hands-on activities to reinforce the science concepts introduced in the game engine book application.  These activities are available at no charge.

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